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Nut Grinder?


Just thought I would ask about this because I am sure someone will have the knowledge...

I want to make nut butters (almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nut, macadamia, cashew, pecan and wallnut), especially Tahini out of unhulled sesame seeds.

When I google' searched, it came up with this:

It is pure black granite. 2 Wheels of it sitting on a granite plate.

From what I seen on youtube, they do a fine job.

However it does a fine job of nuts.

I am really wanting something that can do nuts but also Tahini from unhulled sesame seeds. That to me is a big one I want to be able to do.

Also, I need something that can grind sesame and flaxseed (Linseed) so that I can eat it fresh and acquire the nutrients without swallowing whole seeds.

Is there a grinder thing that makes butter + grinds sesame/flaxseed (dry for cereal)?

Do I need a machine for the butter, and then a separate grinder for sesame/flaxseeds?

Which machine can make Tahini but also regular ground sesame seed for daily use with cereal?

Best option: To do all the above, make butters from nuts, grind sesame/flaxseed dry and also be able to make tahini.

So how many machines do I need to do all this?

Any help on this?

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Adapting recipes for bread maker

I'm new to this site so- hello! 

Hoping for some advice. I have baked cakes for several years, venturing every now and then into the realm of bread. Recently my partner and I moved onto our boat, so we have just bought a bread machine to conserve gas, have bread available even when we're sailing somewhere remote, and to reduce the amount of time the oven is on in the heat (the boat heats up very quickly! ). 

So I have all my baking books with some lovely recipes for cakes and breads, but my question is this: how do I adapt a conventional cake recipe for a bread maker? The bread recipes are probably more straightforward to adapt I imagine - or am I wrong there? Can I just use a 'normal' bread recipe and bung the ingredients in the bread maker?

I also love making cakes, especially cakes with fruit in them. There is a cake setting on my bread maker- could I just chuck in all the ingredients, select the cake setting,  press start, and voila? Or do I need to follow a specific 'cakes in the bread maker' recipe?

Wow, talk about a long winded and confusing question! Sorry. I could (and no doubt will!) experiment and figure all this out for myself but hoping for any tips to save me making obvious mistakes.


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Sandwich loaf using sourdough, seeds and 1.5lb pans?

hello! I am hoping someone can help...

I want to bake sandwich bread (hearty, like Dave's Killer Bread) preferably using whole grain flours, a mix of seeds, and using my sourdough starter. I have been trying recipes but a complication is that I am using the large 1.5 lb Williams Sonoma gold touch pans. Most recipes are too small and the resulting slices are too short for good sandwiches. Recipes and advice welcome!





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Not sour sourdough?

Hi guys, can someone advise please as to why my sourdough starter does not smell 'tangy' hence my loaves turn out "not very sour"?

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Whole grain spelt flaxseed rolls

Nutty, malty flavoured, golden brown little rolls.  They are high in fibre from the whole spelt flour and crushed flaxseeds and enriched with a good dose of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.  

These rolls were a big hit with my kids and friends, just make sure you make plenty, they are very versatile for any meal, with any topping.

For full details and instructional pictures, head over to

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Hello, new baker


Over the years I've become increasingly more conscious about my food chain/supply and now I'm interested in producing my own flour for breads and baked goods.  I'm perfectly comfortable in the kitchen preparing meals, but don't have a lot of experience baking, though I can make a batch of cookies with ease. 

I don't currently own a stand mixer or grain mill but intend to in the near future. However, they are large investments, so any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome. I do consider them investments, so I'm more interested in capabilities and quality than price. 

Also, can anyone suggest some first-time bread bakers recipes for sandwich bread and baguettes?  I'm interested in trying the Americas Test Kitchen recipe for baguettes but wonder how it fares with whole wheat (recipe calls for apf). 

Thanks in advance.

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New Rye Sourdough Starter

Day 4.

Had to dump my faithful old starter when I moved, and was afraid the new one wouldn't "take" because the only rye flour I had on hand was two years old (though still in unopened bag, no weevils) non organic, plus the pineapple juice had been left over from a really crappy can of the crushed. The house getting kinda chilly this time of year, I incubated the mess in a mason jar atop a shelf in the water heater closet, where the temperature probably stays around 70°, and hoped for the best.

Any way, morning of day four, the mixture already seems extremely active, not just with the tiny bubbles one generally sees early on from bacterial activity — this looks like a full fledged yeasty beastie to me. Smells pungent of ethyl alcohol, though there is no separate hooch.

Normally this would be the time to discard half the mixture and replenish with just flour and water rather than continuing with more pineapple juice, IIRC. Next day or so the mixture would most likely to appear dead, only to come back to life in another day or two. Am wondering though if it might be active enough right now to use, in which case after feeding I could take half and build a levain. Or at this early stage would I just be wasting time and flour? Thanks for any advice.

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Chocolate, orange & cranberry sourdough

A tangy, rich and very indulgent sourdough loaf.

Made with orange zest and cocoa throughout the dough, with pieces of dark chocolate and orange-soaked cranberries folded in.


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For anyone interested in an oven

I think this book should be for everyone who is interested in baking bread.

[link removed by editor] 

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Rustica Panem

Where Can I Order Unimproved Spelt Berries?

I am looking for an unimproved common variety of whole grain spelt berries.