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WW Sourdough

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I am glad to say that I have made 3 of David's fine SD concoctions in the last month.  Each one better than the last.  I started with San Joaquin and learned from some on TFL that this was their 2nd favorite of David's breads - Pugleisi being the first.  Then I did his current quest of SFSD.  I thought this bread was every bit as good as San Joaquin but I did change it slightly to get some of my favorite flour in it.  I just had to do his Capriccioso but also wanted to add in some of my favorite WW and Rye flavor  at 50 g each replacing some of the AP and, since I didn't have enough AP, I subbed 100 g of KA unbleached bread flour.  Other than that I kept his recipe intact including the water even though I was adding in some thirstier grains.

I was drawn to this bread because it is baked upside down with the seam side up on the stone and it is seam side down it the proofing basket - in this case a flowered kitchen towel inside a pretty Mexican basket.  This is very nice bread to bake with no long retard involved and it just came out perfect - at least as good as I can do right now - not for David of course.  It tasted great, the crust and crumb were to my liking and it was much better the next day.  this is now one of top 5 breads on a list of at least 10 in the top 5.  Thanks David.


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