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and they didn't murmur a word!!

It is a DIRTY word in our house.....

gobble them up!!

he he he...crafty me !!

Those naughty greedyboys LOVE the Florentine rosemary and raisin buns....

But they HATE,HATE, HATE anything that maybe or is suspected to be good for them:)

Wholemeal bread is looked upon in the same light as dirt...

We will not even mention whole grains!!


Foodie's they are not, my sons........

Bulk volume is what it is about and no vegetables.

So I thought "Hmmmm"...

No harm in trying to slip in some wholemeal and if they didn't eat them, they didn't eat them .....

More for me:)


So we are going to take the recipe from here:

And alter it ever so slightly.....

Instead of 4 cups of Strong bread flour , use 2 of wholemeal and 1.5  of strong bakers flour.

Easy peasy....

I was a little worried as wholemeal breads can be a little dry when swapping ingredients so I did a little less flour.

My dough was quite sticky on first rise....which is what you want in this case.

If you feel though, yours is too wet, add a little more flour....

Olive oil and rosemary

Apart from that small tweak, and I used a little more rosemary too....

But be careful as it can be overwhelming..

Almost ready to bake...

You can see, if you compare these to the originals, you can see the slightly darker texture but apart from that, visually no change.

The taste is not a lot different either...For us with disconcerting palettes, yes, you can taste it but its nice....

But for greedyboys, no change in taste.....

No questions, so no lies:)

Lastly, don't forget they will color quicker too.....

Don't forget to ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!

Ready to glaze
a few left.....
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Is it practical to maintain the Full Sour (of 3 Stage Detmolder Process) for future use ?

October 15, 2012 - 9:34am -- Wade37

I use a 100% rye starter and produce tasty, but not notably sour, rye + wholemeal loaves and I am considering trying the Detmolder 3 Stage Process to increase my output sourness and flavour. The procedure is lengthy and necessitates critical temperature control.

My question is : Is development of Refreshment/ Basic Sour/ Full Sour stage mixes necessary for each bake or can a portion of Full Sour be maintained (e.g. refrigeration + feeding, as in the case of conventional starters) for future use ?

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Throughout my life I have baked only about 5 loaves of bread using a breadmaker. The last loaf I baked was a wholemeal loaf, using the bread machine, and it was a disaster. All the coarse grains had sunk to the bottom of the loaf, which was a little soggy, and the top was dry. It had been more than 10 years since I have baked anything, and I decided to give wholemeal a go again after reading Peter Reinhart's receipe for a 100% wholemeal loaf.


Need more practice with folding...

Very dense loaf. I was disappointed upon seeing how dense it was, as the pictures of bread made using Peter Reinhart's receipe did not look like this. But a bit of searching revealed that the loaf was like that because I used coarse flour. Our supermarket sells finely ground wholemeal flour as well, and I decided to buy a bag of that next time.

It took twice or thrice as long to toast well, and had to be sliced very thinly.

Once toasted, it was very crunchy and tasted very nutty and wholesome though.

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Yeast loaves losing shape during baking

January 22, 2012 - 6:59pm -- roseyeskova

Hello everyone!

I've been lurking on the site for about 18 months now (ever since I was given Peter Reinhart's Bread Bakers Apprentice and developed an obsession for artisan bread), and have finally plucked up the courage to ask for some advice from the wonderful community here.

I have been using a sourdough starter (he's called George) to make bread almost every day, and I'm generally really proud of my loaves.



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Just a quick post - a basic wholemeal bread, lovely texture and mild sourdough flavour - that one is a keeper


As always, more photos and recipe on my blog here

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Soft Wholemeal flour

September 1, 2011 - 3:38am -- usank001


I am planning on making the Waterford Soda bread from Dan lepard's The Handmade Loaf. The ingredients say 'Soft Wholemeal Flour' which I know means not the Strong Bread flour. I have Stoneground Wholemeal flour (Allinsons) and need to know if I can use this as is or should I sift out the bran before using it? I have made so many Soda Breads, using the standard recipes, that could have been used as door stops that I am really keen on getting this one right.

Someone please help.

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Making a hash of it with Vitamin C

July 25, 2011 - 1:39pm -- Andy_P

Hi all. I have a couple of questions about Vitamin C/Ascorbic acid powder.

The first part is a bit of a tale of confusion and woe....

I'm very happy with the "lift" on my white loaves, but my brown and wholemeal were a litle bit heavy,  so I bought some Vitamin C powder and started to use it.

Over the last few weeks or months, my brown bread has been getting worse and worse so I've been adding a little more and more of the Vitamin C powder (I'll admit to how much in a minute!)

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Oops - another failure

I was trying to make Daisy's Wholemeal Lemon Sourdough (original successful recipe here)

Not sure what particularly went wrong - my assumption is that
a) I left the preferment too long
b) I used slightly unripe starter
c) I left the mixed dough too long for bulk ferment
d) the S&F method didn't work so well for wholewheat as for white
e) I didn't knead enough
f) the gods were not smiling :-)

I shaped the dough into small loaves - 20mins into proofing and oops - disintegrating dough!

There was no surface tension when shaping...

I decided to pop them in the oven anyway - 30mins at 220C

They smelled great - and tasted OK - but pretty awful rise (i.e. almost none) - it's "back to the bricks", and just when I thought I was doing well...

So - not one of my best examples!  Never mind - I'm still learning!



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