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whole wheat flour

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Whole Wheat Webs?

October 13, 2008 - 12:36pm -- ehanner

Something I have noticed recently is that even on a fresh new bag of whole wheat flour, if I carefully scoop out a quantity I see small hanging bits as if they are being held by tiny threads. I could be a little sensitive to infestation since I recently found a few moths in an old bag of flour and went on a cleaning binge.

Is this normal and I never noticed before? This sounds like a newbie question but I just don't have a way to know. Thanks.



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Hello, fellow bread enthusiasts.


I recently moved to Glendale, AZ.  Our family likes dark breads of all kinds...including multi-grain, rye and whole wheat. I have had no luck in finding Rye Flour at our local grocers.  The Whole Wheat flour is available, but in small 5 lb bags and is very expensive.  

Any suggestions where I could buy 25 or 50 lb bags of these fours in the Phoenix/ Glendale area?

 As you can see from my photo, I like baking specialty breads, like the traditional Russian Easter breads.  However now I am looking to bake some basic, spongy dark country breads with texture and a good crust.

Looking forward to your suggestions


May 3, 2008 

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Optimal amount of protein for a whole wheat flour?

November 15, 2007 - 4:31pm -- staff of life

I checked on Wheat Montana's site today and saw that their whole wheat flour has a protein content of 15-16%!!  It's the flour I've been using; I have noticed that with most recipes I have to add more water than suggested, but I didn't put two and two together.  I'm thinking that in order to adjust for a more fragile gluten network formed in a whole grain dough that the protein level should be higher than a white flour, but this seems excessive.  (And I don't even know if I'm right about the whole protein thing being higher.)  I can't find any info in


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