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Basic Sandwich Loaf Recipe

March 24, 2013 - 6:47pm -- jclcf

I want to make my own whole-wheat sandwich bread, but there are so many recipes... Which is the basic recipe (proportion of ingredients) for this kind of loaf, or can I use any recipe since I shape it as a sandwich bread? Some of the breads don't use any kind of fat or oil in their recipes, there's any sandwich loaf without any extra fat from butter, oil or shortening?

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Whole Wheat Salt Rising Bread

March 22, 2011 - 9:15am -- Ford

   I am fond of salt rising (salt risen) bread, expecially toasted for breakfast.  I have found almost no instances of recipes for a whole-wheat version of this bread.  Since this is an ancient technique of leavening bread, people must have used whole-wheat in the early days.  I have, accordingly, devised my own recipe for this bread.   The texture and crust of the two breads are very similar, as is the preparation.  The flavor, however, is quite different.  The whole wheat version has a milder flavor than the white version.

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I was concerned that my success with the whole grain hearth bread that I posted about early last month was just a one-hit wonder. Thankfully, it seems I can repeat it. Here's a few loaves that have come out of the oven in the past weeks:

I've also used the same technique for a 60-40 whole wheat to whole rye batard, and it, too, turned out well, though the crumb was, naturally, much tighter than in the loaves pictured here. I'd have taken pictures, but the camera was full and, by the time I got around to downloading them off of the camera's video card, the loaf was just a little nubbin.

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We picked gallons of currant this year growing in the wild, red ones, black ones, orange ones....

We made tons of fresh-currant ice-cream to start with.

Then I made banbury cakes:

Whole Wheat pastry flour- Banbury cakesWhole Wheat pastry flour- Banbury cakes

Babury 2Banbury 2

They were ummmmmm.... so goood

Today I made some 100% whole-wheat sourdough Currant & seed bread:

currant breadcurrant bread

currant bread 2currant bread 2

the bread is not sweetened. It's just a lean bread recipe to which I added pumpkin & sunflower seeds and lots of currants :)

Really good and tart :P


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Great blog entry (with pics) on the Wondermill

March 23, 2007 - 8:09am -- JMonkey

Thanks to the Bread Feed, I stumbled across this GREAT description of the WonderMill, along with a recipe for 100% whole wheat bread. Her experience with the mill is identical to mine, and she's got great pictures to boot. Also has a recipe.

I made some buttermilk whole-wheat bread myself last night -- we ran out of whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread, so I whipped some up. Mmmmmmm.

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