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Whole Foods Market

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Whole Foods Bulk Flour - 10% discount

January 26, 2011 - 11:37am -- bobchristenson

For weeks I've been trying to find a place online where I could buy flour in bulk to get a discount.  I basically struck out with what I was looking for.

Today, while buying my normal flour at Whole Foods (365 organic, made by Central Milling Co.), I found out that if you buy a case (8 bags), they'll give you a 10% discount.  They even let me mix/match all purpose and whole wheat.

I thought I'd pass this along for anyone interested!

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This is the second of my reviews on artisan breads available at my local Whole Foods Market. Actually, I visit three locations in my area (Raleigh/Durham, NC) and they are all the same because the are all baked in the same "bakehouse" which distributes them to all of the area stores. As many of you commented in my previous post, nothing quite compares to what you can produce at home....however, there are good bakeries out there and some of this retail stuff is pretty good.

The Whole Food Organic Farm bread is another loaf I really like. Like the Ciabatta, it has the classic crackling crust. This one uses a sourdough preferment that becomes apparent when you take the first bite.; not too tart, but just enough tang where you can taste it.  It contains white and whole wheat flour. Uncut, it will keep for three or four days in a paper bag. If the humidity is high and the crust gets a little soft, about ten minutes in the oven at 425 will revive it. This bread isn't my all time favorite as far as retail breads are concerned, but its definitely on my "pretty dog-gone good" list:

Whole Foods Market Organic Farm Bread

Organic Farm Bread Crumb

Stay tuned for more reviews....My posts can also be viewed on my blog, The Bread Portal.

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