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white flour

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I am so embarrassed

August 28, 2012 - 10:45am -- Felila

I usually try to eat healthy food. Brown rice, tofu, beans, no processed foods, etc. BUT I find that I greatly prefer sourdough bread made with white flour to whole wheat sourdoughs.

I've been baking Peter Reinhart's pain au levain (from Artisan Baking Every Day) with Oregon Trail starter, using white bread flour, and that bread is so #@$!@#$!@ good. Love it with butter and jam. Love it with peanut butter. Love it as cinnamon toast. Love it, period. This is not good for me. The bread could be healthier, and adding fats and sugar makes it worse. 

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Best tasting white flour

October 4, 2009 - 12:18pm -- ericjs

Does anyone have recommendations for a particularly flavorful bread or AP flour? (not whole grain or whole wheat, I'm talking "regular", preferably unbleached, white flour). I understand, of course, that more flavor can be obtained through various additives (like a little whole wheat or rye), or processess (longer ferment, soaker, sourdough, levain, etc), but those things aside and everything being equal, is there a flour anyone finds gives more flavor than other brands?

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