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white whole wheat flour

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I made whole wheat rye maple challh.


I used white whole wheat, Rye flour, Maple syrup, vital gluten , salt, canola oil,  two eggs  and instant yeast.



Cut piece will be look like this


Recipe can be found  here

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King Arthur's Flour SALE

November 15, 2010 - 11:51am -- gardenchef

I apologize if I am double posting I am trying to create a blog and make sure my info like this SALE gets seen. Any tips welcome


Hi all..happened upon a KAF sale today every bag was at least one dollar less than their site. This is in Boston area (Massachusetts). Not sure all Stop and Shops in New England have the same sale. Maybe give them a call first? 

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I'm new to the Fresh Loaf website, and a new student of home bread-baking. I want to chronicle my journey on this blog, and I'm definitely after that ultimate taste and texture in creating bread.  

These whole wheat ciabattas aren't my first attempts at baking bread, but they are my favorite flavors and textures so far. They're made with white whole wheat flour, (hard white wheat), using the recipe formula for Whole Wheat Focaccia from "Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads:New techniques, Extraordinary Flavor."

The flavor and crust are excellent, although I was hoping for a little more open and airy crumb. I think next time I'll try using regular whole wheat, (hard red spring wheat), a better thermometer, and either a shorter or longer delayed fermentation in the fridge, depending on how the dough seems to be developing. Once I learn to create my own natural leaven, I may try that with this recipe too.

Here's short list of ingredients and tools that I use:

King Arthur Flours

baking stone

parchment paper

pizza peel

oven thermometer

I'm really enjoying this learning process, and eating the bread I bake is such an immediate and gratifying creative experience. I love the community that sharing food can create, and one of the things I love doing most is sharing an evening with great friends, food and conversation.

And great bread.


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