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White bread

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White Bread - A King's twist

January 8, 2009 - 11:32am -- Anonymous baker (not verified)

 Don't turn your nose up, just yet.  ;-)

This is a very interesting Blog post, fresh, from King Arthur Flour:


I'm not a big fan of White bread but I did find that very interesting.
Maybe especially for our kids at times.
  All the best,

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Wonderfully Soft White Bread
Original Recipe was from, but I've tweaked it quite a bit as far as prep/rising/baking. I've been searching endlessly for the "perfect" wonder bread type texture/crumb, and this one is the BOMB. ;)

1 cup tepid water
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons margarine
1 tablespoon honey ( I used buckwheat honey)
3 cups all purpose flour (I used Robin Hood-Best for Bread-Homestyle White) This made a BIG difference in the texture of the bread.
1/4 cup powdered whole milk
2 teaspoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons SAF Gold Instant Yeast

  1. Sprinkle yeast on water. Blend till yeast dissolves.
  2. In this order add: honey, sugar, powdered milk, salt and stir well till blended
  3. Add margarine and stir well again.
  4. Add 1 cup of the flour and mix till fully blended (mixture will be like batter) Add remaining two cups of flour and blend with a fork till completely blended. Take dough out of mixing bowl and fold till smooth. Do NOT over work or knead! Just fold and press, fold and press.
  5. Shape into boule and place in lightly oiled bowl for approx. 1 1/2 hours or till doubled.
  6. When risen, take out dough and on a floured surface, shape into loaf and place in loaf pan. (again, DO NOT overwork).
  7. Let rise in a warm place for approximately 40 minutes until doubled in size.
  8. Bake on centre rack of preheated 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.
  9. Cool on wire rack before slicing.

Here is a picture of the "attacked" loaf. DH LOVES Wonder Bread, and now he's a convert! LOL

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
They're NOT hot flashes....My body is just vacationing in the tropics!


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