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white bread flour

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White bread flour

May 5, 2010 - 4:47pm -- Felila

For several years now I've been making a nice, light bread with a combination of KA white whole wheat and Gold Medal Better for Bread white bread flour. My local Safeway has stopped carrying the white bread flour and I can't find any in Honolulu.

Can I replicate the effect of the high-gluten bread flour by mixing unbleached all-purpose flour with a little high-gluten flour from my health food co-op? I think the brand is Bob's.

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Thanks everyone who gave me some earlier advice about my seed culture.  But still, nothing much is happening.

I have one that I started with rye flour and pineapple juice.  After a few days it was accidentally warmed up in the oven.  I tried to revive it by adding more flour and water every couple of days.  But it does not do much.  When I take the seran wrap off it bubbles a tiny bit then stops.  I now keep the wrap loosely covering the glass bowl.

I have another one that I have used only white bread flour and water.  The flour part tends to settle at the bottom and the water floast on top.  No bubbles to speak of.

I stir each once in the morning and once in the evening.  I work all day so I can't feed and stir throughout the day.  Is there still hope for either or both seed cultures?  What to do??



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