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Advice on wetness, shapelessness, guminess and self-critiquing

June 29, 2012 - 5:01pm -- boshek

Hi fellow Fresh Loafers. I've been sponging info off this wonderful site for some time now and been baking my own bread for about 6 months. Recently I've had some trouble with my doughs (although to be fair these questions have always niggled at the back of my mind) and despite more and more reading, I seem to be getting worse and worse results. So finally I decided to post and ask for some advice.

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French Fold

August 21, 2007 - 11:55pm -- Ramona

I have watched several videos concerning the Frence Fold and have some questions.  I thought the dough had to have the right texture in order to stop and put into a bowl to rise?  This doesn't seem to show this, it seems to show the opposite.  I would like to do this technique, but I am trying to get consistency with the "feel" of the dough and I can't see how the French Fold works.  I do the regular Folds and they work out well for me, but I am not getting the French Fold.   I tried a recipe that called for using water to knead with instead of flour, today, and I ju

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