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viking mixer

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Good Grain Mill

February 22, 2011 - 6:33pm -- patman23

I have a viking 7qt mixer and was going to get the grain mill attachment for it.  I wanted to see if anyone has used it and get their feedback.  I have never milled my own flour before but reading some of the posts on here makes me think that Im mising out.  So... A few questions...

1.  Asside from the Viking Mixer Attahcment, what Grain Mills do you recommend?

2.  What kind of grain (wheats, corn etc) is recemmended?

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Viking 7qt-Are they any good? No reviews on the website

March 20, 2010 - 8:44am -- Doc Tracy

I'm in the market for a new mixer and noticed that the Viking on the King Arthur website looks pretty nice. But, there are virtually no reviews on the 7qt, 1,000watt mixer. Just wondering what your experiences are with this line of mixer and/or if there would be a better mixer in the $500 range to replace my puny 4qt 300watt kitchen aid. I will be delegating my KA to the tasks of egg whipping, preparing produce for the freezer and grinding meat into hamburger, saving the bigger dough tasks for a tougher mixer.

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