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Vermont Bread

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My training in making sourdough bread continues with growing success. See previous report here. I have followed advice I received on TFL to stick with a recipe that works for me to gain experience and skill. Doing the same recipe over and over again helps me to compare the outcome and learn from it. The recipe is from Home Cooking Adventure: Easy Sourdough Bread - Vermont Bread.

This was the first Vermont Bread I made:

Here is the second bake:

And now the third bake:

The obvious change from the first bake to the second is the oven spring. The first time around I let the shaped loaves proof for 2,5 hours but only for 2 hours for the second and third bake. I think this made the difference so that the dough still had some work to do when it reached the oven. The slashing has also improved. The cuts are deeper and at a greater angle than at the first bake. For the third bake I dusted the proofing baskets with rye instead of white flour. I use my Kenwood for the kneading as my arms and shoulders are not fit for heavy duty. I tried Bertinet's method of slamming the dough on the table but it was too heavy for me with the repeated motion. I don't get the famous window pane effect, no matter how long I let the machine knead the dough. I wonder if that does not happen as much with rye dough than with white flour only. I guess I'll find out when I try my hand at a French bread later on.

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