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BBC "The Great British Bake Off"

September 1, 2010 - 12:52am -- rocketbike

The BBC is running a series at the moment called "The Great British Bake Off".  The presenters include Paul Hollywood (author of "100 Great Breads"), and last night's episode centred on bread-making.  The competition setting unfortunately didn't allow for slow-rise, so the focus was on straight doughs.

For those of you with a UK IP address or proxy, you can see the programme at:

for the next seven days.


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hello from devon

March 8, 2009 - 7:35am -- zoe34

Hi this is my introduction.   I am a keen home cook, mainly into european and aisan food.  Thai, indian, british, french, italian, spanish food...


I have baked the odd loaf of bread with ok or not so good results.  I've been on you tube for info on baking, read Richard Bertinet book, and been inspired by this forum. 


I am just at the basic stage I think even though I can't wait to do more... 


started using fresh yeast today.  Await the results in a hour or so.  The dough felt different already.  Zoe


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