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Tuscan Bread

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Recently my husband announced that he needed to cut way back on salt in his diet, and after quizzing me about the bread I've been baking, determined that he needed to cut way back on my bread.   Given that he's my principal guinea pig (I mean recipient, I mean,... oh forget it)  I viewed this as a setback.   After some thought though I realized it was an opportunity.   And so ...  Tuscan bread.

I used the recipe from King Arthur with a few tweaks.  There is no salt in this whatsoever.   I was expecting it to taste drab and dull, and to sag and look awful.   But no - just a nice simple white bread, and tasty too, with a distinctive taste, that I wouldn't necessarily have attributed to lack of salt without knowing that was the "missing" ingredient.   The crumb is nothing to write home about:

but the crust is very crisp and nice (I don't recall ever making anything like it before) and I even got a visit from the crackle fairy who has been boycotting me no matter what I do:

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Salt and Serenity bakes without salt!

April 29, 2010 - 2:47pm -- saltandserenity

This week in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge I baked Tuscan bread.  This is an unusual loaf in that it is made without salt.  Imagine my horror!  I must say that I found myself being quite creative on how to consume this bread.

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