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Most sd taste to date

June 7, 2012 - 8:45pm -- patnx2

I made my old standby sd bread for company. "Pate fermentee sd baguettes"by Ryeaskrye. Ive baked this recipe many times with consistant results but this time I forgot about 20 oz in the frig. Two days later I took it out,reballed and baked in a pot. The result was a beauty with the taste of San Francisco. I have four pounds sitting in the frig now for a repete try. I will do a two day,three day and four day. Sorry no pictures but I am looking for  a neighbor kid to teach me how. Patrick from Modesto

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How To Taste Bread

February 22, 2010 - 11:27am -- dsoleil

Hi All,

I love all the discussions on TFL.  One I haven't seen yet is a primer on how to taste bread in the same vein as how people learn to taste wine.  Not sure if there are any competition judges that want to weigh in here, but here are a couple things I came up with that contribute to the overall bread experience.

First smell

Overall color of crust and crumb

Holes and airiness



Taste and complexity



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Is there a taste difference between brands of yeast available at supermarkets

October 19, 2009 - 7:13pm -- FredR

Is there a taste difference between the three or four commercial brands of yeasts available at local supermarkets.  My local supermarket carries only one or two different brands of yeast at a time and keeps switching off and on among the three or four top brands.  My sister in law (a wonderful baker) swears that she can tell the difference when she makes her signature parker house rolls.  She doesn't like Red Star.  So it got me to thinking that among the many bakers here there might be some who have had experience with this.

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The mystery of the ghost biscuit

October 18, 2009 - 10:55pm -- Erzsebet Gilbert

This isn't a problem - it's just a big conundrum to me, and I'm simply wondering whether anybody can solve it...

The other day, I asked my husband what sort of bread he'd like for me to make the most.  He said a regular loaf - but salty! extra salt!  So I warned him that salt can kill yeast, and at best we'd have a very slow rise, but he said he didn't care - just salty!  (For safety's sake I made another loaf, the same recipe but without extra salt, too!)

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Rye/Water starter - smell and taste??

July 30, 2008 - 7:21am -- afjagsp123

I have never had good luck with sourdough starters. When I lived in "Nearly Canada, North Dakota" my starters never developed any sour taste. I think it was just too cold in our home, even when I placed on our hot water heater. Then again, I only tried them in the winter.

Now I live in "Nearly Mexico, Arizona". Our home is a constant 74 degrees. This time I'm trying a rye and water starter with the 3 step method of 2 oz rye/2 oz spring water for 48 hours, 2 oz rye 4 oz spring water 18 hours, 4 ounces wheat flour, 4 ounces spring water.

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Test Drive your Starter

March 2, 2007 - 8:31pm -- Noche

I smelled my starter before I baked today. It was trying to tell me something.

In the begining, this starter was never very sour, but now at one month old it has changed and can be where ever I steer it. This one had been mildly neglected this week and got pretty powerful.

It told me it was going to be very sour and I don't like "very sour." I should have waited a day or two and washed the starter until it smelled like what I like to eat. 

Next time I crank up a starter to cook with in a day or two, I'll not only shoot for volume but also taste.

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