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This recipe worked.. but the taste... ewww

November 30, 2012 - 2:58am -- Bohemian Mama

I do not know if it was the molassas ... I have never  cooked  so much of it before. But the taste was like tangy like eating spoonfuls of baking soda  (bicarb soda for australians)

Do you think this would work if I used, golden syrup, or rice syrup or  any lighter  syrup and  say only 1/3 of the molassas?

 The only  gingerbread recipes I can find are  for  crispy cookie style.. Not the  rich fudgy cake style.


1-½ c. sourdough starter

½ c. butter

½ c. sugar

1 egg, beaten

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Whole Wheat Sourdough

April 30, 2008 - 3:13am -- obrien1984

For several months now, I have been baking whole wheat breads based on recipes in Peter Reinhart's latest book. For the most part, I have met with success.

 I am now attempting to modify these recipes to accomplish two goals: to eliminate commercial yeast from my breads, and to simplify the baking schedule (which includes using less equipment, making less mess, and adjusting the rise times to occur while I'm at work).

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