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July 6, 2011 - 6:57am -- finnutcha

Hi everyone :)

I studied to bake a bread for one year and last month i went to Switzerland and bought 2 packages of flour there but I don't know how to cook because there is no english infomation on the packages so i type it all and translate it on google.

here is what i got

Wheat flour (semibiancabigia), 14% seeds (linseed, sunflower, sesame), segake flour, oatmeal, salt, dried yeast, wheat gluten, sugar, dried sour dough rye wheat germ, emulsifiers (E322), enzymes (amylase).
Total content of salt: 1.8%


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Juergen Krauss

On our last visit to my parents in Germany I chatted with my sister-in-law who lives in Switzerland - about bread.

She tried to make the Zopf many families enjoy in Switzerland on Sundays, but she couldn't reproduce the flaky texture which is so typical.

After a bit of research I found a recipe on which worked very well for me, and this Zopf has become quite popular with friends and family.

It is essentially like a Challah without sugar and goes well with all sorts of sweet toppings, as well as cheeses.

As flour you can get a special Zopfmehl in Switzerland, which usually is a blend of white spelt (10% to 30%) with plain white flour.

I used 20% spelt.

Here the formula:

Ingredient Weight Percent
white plain flour 800g 80%
white spelt flour 200g 20%
milk 300g 30%
water 300g 30%
egg 60g (1 large) 6%
butter 120g 12%
fresh yeast 30g 3%
salt 20g 2%
yield 1830g 183%

Mix ingredients without butter first, and work until gluten is somewhat developed.

Add butter and work the dough until it is elastic, smooth and makes a nice windowpane test.

Let double in size (this took about 1 hour at 23C), fold and let rest for another 30 minutes.

Divide and shape into a braid (I usually make 2 braids from this amount of dough, the recipe source suggests one big 2-strand braid)

Put ther braid(s) onto baking perchament, apply eggwash, let rest for another 15-30 minutes, egg-wash again.

Bake on lower shelf in pre-heated oven at 200C for about 50 minutes (depending on size, my half-size braids need about 45 min).

Part of the bread got eaten before I could take a photo, here is part of the remains (Iwill post a better picture when available):

Butterzopf 1

The crumb is flaky as it should be when you tear the bread:




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Anyone got a recipe for Wegglitag?

February 6, 2009 - 7:39am -- bakersteve

Has anyone got a recipe for Wegglitag? These are a Swiss breakfast roll that (if I have identified the species correctly) I can remember my mother and I fighting over in Interlaken in the 60s (there was a bakery just behind the hotel). They were absolutely amazing, and like nothing we had ever tasted before. In a mixed basket of rolls there was usually only one (hence the fight). They were shaped like little lemons.


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