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Big Brick House...

My friends thought I was crazy when I started grinding my own flour, but my love of baking I couldn't shake and I open my award winning bakery.  Any one should be able to live their dream!  I get a lot of inspiration from everyone loving the same thing - bread, and the baking of it.  I sell the supplies or my bread I don't care as long as you have a passion for it... 

 The Big Brick House Bakery is a small family bakery in Wabash Indiana.  Freshly milled flour began with Leigh 5 yrs ago; it came to her attention that once a grain has been milled, the nutrients evaporate over time.  She purchased a Stone-mill, a miniature version of the ones that use to set along the rivers, and began on this adventure to incorporate the fresh flour into her bread and pastas.  The Big Brick House Bakery stone mill is used daily to grind small batches to provide you with the freshest and most nutritious whole grain products in Wabash County and the surrounding areas. Their fresh flour makes the integrity and flavor of their Artisan bakery products.   The Big Brick House Bakery now offers 14 different types of grain, some organic, purchase a kit that Leigh has developed for the home bread machine.  Leigh makes several of her breads on a daily basis.  These same breads won her the Indiana Artisan award in October of 2008.  At this time she is now offering flavored breads using cheese, herbs, and vegetables.  Leigh also makes pies and cakes from scratch, just the way they were done for several generations.  Now Leigh is offering Sugar-Free and Gluten-Free items, recreating recipes to work with any dietary needs.  

The quant retail store opened in June of 2008 in the sun room of their Eastlake Victorian home. Locally produced eggs, honey, maple syrup, fudge are also sold here. 

On Facebook you can also interact with Leigh and other fans. 


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Straw poll: Low-Cost Ingredients and Supplies

April 10, 2009 - 10:05am -- Elagins

I'm considering setting up a business that provides commericial and hard-to-find flours, e.g., first clear, white rye, high gluten, buckwheat, and other ingredients like malt, seeds and compressed yeast, in smaller quantities that make more sense for hobbyist bakers. In addition, I plan to include a line of low-cost, restaurant-quality equipment == and all at prices well below what King Arthur charges. 

Any interest?

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Ontario Flour, Equipment, and Bakeries

January 29, 2009 - 2:40pm -- cdnDough

I thought I'd start a quick thread listing where to get supplies locally in southern Ontario.  Please feel free to comment with your favorite places and I'll add them to this list.


Flour / Grains:

A and E Fine Foods, 19811 Woodbine Ave, Queensville, 905-478-1500

Stocks some organic flour


Arva Flour Mill, 2042 Elgin Rd, London, 519-660-0199

Mills and sells organic flour directly


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Daniel's Rustic Bread testimonials?

January 13, 2009 - 10:03pm -- tgw1962_slo


I couldn't really find an appropriate area to post this, so I'm hoping it will be ok here.

I'm wondering if anyone here has ever purchased anything from

What was your experience? Were you happy with your purchase?

They have a good price on a baguette couche and I'm considering placing an order with them but wonder if they're a reputable company.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.



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