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SteveB Croissants

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I made SteveB's croissants today. Here is his formula and method.  Thank you, Steve!

I highly recommend it! It was absolutely delicious! Although I used my raisin yeast water instead of the instant yeast, therefore I decreased the amount of sugar.  It is very easy to make raisin yeast water which means fruit yeast water.  I recommend to use orgainc ones that is much better taste than the others.  Here is the link of fruit yeast water that Ron and Daisy and I had worked on.   and   You can read Wao's post that is helpful, too.   Ron and Karin made some great breads using apple yeast water. Daisy and I have raisin yeast water that is one of powerful fruit yeasts.  If you are not fond of soury bread, or you are looking for a new thing, you may enjoy it.


 Here is my ingredients that I change are Bold letters.


145 g I used KA AP flour

145 g Raisin yeast water


Final dough

335 g I used Bread flour

115 g Water

65 g Milk

36 g Sugar

10 g Salt

20 g Butter

290 g Poolish (all of the above)



225 g Butter


I replaced new pictures that I took them in the morning. They look clear and nicer.


I will practice to shape the croissants more...  I have a problem when I let put the dough in a refrigerator before shaping because the dough is always dry when I take out the dough from the refrigerator so that I can see some crack when I am about to strech the dough to roll it into the croissant shape.  So I didn't put the dough in a refrigerator this time, I put the dough in a basement that was around 15℃. That is why these croissants look little shaky. 

 Brush your teeth after eating,please :)

Happy baking,




I tried this croissants again. My goal is like Mrs London's croissants that are totally art. Of course, the taste was wonderful.

You can see Mrs.London's croissants here.

Here is the pictures of Mrs London's croissant that I bought.

Here is my croissants that I tried a couple days ago.

My problem is shaping... Hmmmm..


3/31/2011  I tried again..

 After I cut the dough triangle shapes, I put them in the refrigerator for a couple hours to shape nicely. I can't get such a length to roll many times.   I saw other Japanese home bakers shaping very well..  hmmm

While the dough was at proof, I had to leave the dough for 2.5 hours.I wanted 2 hours proofing time though. I can't tell if the tast is good or not because I haven't eaten it yet.

Next time, I may not put the triangle dough in a refrigerator because I saw some crumb are not flaky but doughy.  I don't know if the method produce doughy crumb..

I hope that it is good.  They will be our breakfast.. Giant croissants.

Best wishes,


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