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New Loaves Today - WIP!

May 26, 2011 - 9:59am -- JerryLeeBee

Hi all!

I've had the craving for baking some bread for days now, but unfortunately had a cold and wasn't feeling up to much of anything apart from sitting on the sofa with some Lemsip and a DVR full of bad telly.

Anyhoo, I'm in much better condition today, and currently have 1KG of dough proofing.  Meanwhile, I thought I'd share the pics of the work in progress.

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Hi everyone...I've been MIA the past few months...certainly not from baking, but mostly from commenting on this site. I still consider this an invaluable resource though!

Somehow, summer overtakes.

I have begun blogging at a separate domain though, so come on over and see what I've been up to! It's my adventures in the kitchen along with snippets of the things I grow and create....

See ya there!

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