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starter storage

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Need some starter storage advice

June 18, 2010 - 8:59am -- Rick D

Hi there. I'm sure the answers I'm looking for exist somewhere on this site, but a search brings up an exhaustive amount of (great) information, so here goes:

I've slaved over my scale and coutertop for the past month, but have now happily created a new starter, now just over 30 days old, kept at 100% hydration with bread flour and fed twice daily. It's remained healthy, doubles readily between feedings, and smells wonderful.

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Moving a starter 3,161 miles away

July 10, 2007 - 9:37am -- JMonkey

I think I've got a plan that will work, but wanted to run it by the gurus here before I act on it. I've come to love my 3 home-brewed starters very much (a whole wheat, a whole rye and a whole spelt), and would be really put out if I lost them in a cross-country move.

Here's the situation: I'm moving from Watertown, MA to Corvallis, OR on July 28. My wife will be flying out with our 3-year-old, but she'll be staying in a hotel until my father and I arrive sometime on Aug. 1 (probably very late) with the beds and the rest of our earthly belongings.

The plan:

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