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stand mixers

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not aluminium

March 26, 2013 - 4:57am -- sourdoughp


I am baking daily in a small order. Recently discovered my Kitchenaid dough hook (nylon covered) is aluminium. Not happy. Bought a new "burnished" one. Aluminium. Please advise which sensible small scale mixer I might purchase.Thankyou. Quite sad, loved the kitchenaid strength. A replacement will need to be strong and cleanable, but not non stick. I want stainless and cast iron! Please help, I loved my kitchenaid, but we all ate the white plastic coating of the cooking as it fell in, I want stainless steel or iron! I can buy what can sequent me.

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Electrolux DLX-2000 Magic Mill Assistent Stand mixer vs Viking 7qt mixer

July 26, 2010 - 2:35pm -- erlinda100

Does any one have a suggestion on which mixer I should buy.  I want something more powerful and stable than my Kitchen Aid.   I really like the features and look of the Electrolux, I see its a 600 watt and the viking is 1,000 watt.  Is one better than the other.  I bake bread several 2-4 x a week now.  2-4 loaves at a time.  Any feedback would be appreciated

Thanks, Erlinda

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