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sprouted spelt

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My latest bake continues my recent obsession with sprouted grains in bread. I've been experimenting with them a lot lately and have found the flavor truly excellent. There is a nice sweetness to the sprouted grain and none of the bitterness that you find in whole wheat flour. Combine this with the great healthy benefits that come from sprouting grain and you have a great addition to many breads.

At first I tried playing around with sprouted wheat in country breads and had great results but it was time to step it up. My latest bake is an extremely tasty sprouted wheat sandwich bread. This loaf's flavor is unlike anything I've tasted when using pure whole wheat flour. The sprouted spelt berries really add a nice texture to complement the flavor. I think it is a near perfect sandwich bread. So far it's made several delicious peanut butter banana sandwiches(my favorite snack).  It's likely going to be my go to sandwich bread as long as I've got some sprouted wheat available.

For the formula, process and more photos visit abreaducation.

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Sprouted Spelt Bread - a Variation of a WGB Recipe

February 12, 2011 - 5:34pm -- hanseata

I made this variation of Peter Reinhart's "Whole Wheat and Sprouted Grain Bread" (from WGB) with spelt - I had just bought a 20 lb bag of spelt kernels, and generally like the taste of spelt better than of whole wheat. Instead of a biga I used a starter, added an overnight cold bulk fermentation, and coriander for a hint of spice. The bread rose quite nicely and tasted very good.

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Sprouted grain sourdough bread

July 27, 2008 - 9:38am -- celested

Experience working with people on improving their health by changing their food has shown that most people respond much better to sprouted grains.  I teach people to sprout nuts, seeds and grains before using them and specialize in making Sprouted Spelt Bread that uses yeast. 

 Many people are also sensitive to commercial yeast and need to avoid yeast based products all together.

 I am starting a new "experiment", if you will, to see if making the sprouted bread with a sourdough starter will work better for people than the standard sprouted bread.

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