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sourdough recipes

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Suzie's Sourdough Circus

October 2, 2012 - 2:56pm -- KathySager

Wonderful sourdough story for children, with great recipes!!

check it out:

In rhyming prose, sure to appeal to both children and their grown-up sous-chefs, this story is both informative and fun. Young readers spend a snowy northern afternoon in the warm kitchen with little Suzie, her dad and their zany sourdough circus, learning a simple method to bake wholesome and tangy sourdough bread.

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Once I've made a starter how long should I keep it before trying to bake with it? Does it continue to get more sour with age? MY AIM IS TO BAKE A REALLY SOUR LOAF...

I could not be much newer at this... I'm seeking two things:

1. VERY SOUR tasting results.

2. The simplest recipes.

Could I be asking too much? Is there hope for me?! !... I'm willing to learn... My baking history consists of a cookie mix that came in a cardboard container from the freezer dept. of the local Piggly Wiggly [?]... Oh yeah.. I did a few potatoes once too but if I recall correctly I ended up burying them in my back yard.... {late at night too}... I guess it's also worth mentioning that in the divorce papers I was served, my kitchen antics were a key factor in chasing the little woman from my loving embrace... {Have you ever tried reading fine print when your glasses are all clouded with flour powder?... And you're up to your arm pits in dough that is heavier than you can lift?}... A nasty rumor has found it's way to me as well... According to a recent ruling by the courts I'm not allowed to bake within 500 feet of my former wife......

I remain, your humble and curious student..


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Favoirte Recipes Using Starter? - Needing Inspiration

November 14, 2008 - 1:17pm -- bakebakebake

Hi Everyone!!

 I began a starter in April with the help of folks here and have been making consistently good sourdough bread since.  I bake some type of bread about 2x a month and try to use my sourdough in at least on one of these.  My starter seems very hardy and thankfully understands when I don't feed him for awhile - I just refresh before beginning and there has been no trouble with rises.

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