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sourdough starter

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Sourdough starter

May 12, 2010 - 11:57am -- erlinda100

Hi,   I ordered a Zojirushi bread machine from KAF.  I also purchase a Crock and they are sending me fresh sourdough starter with it. This will be my first try at baking bread.  I am intimidated by the though of feeding a sourdough starter daily, and all the waste with feeding and discarding.   I may make sourdough bread only once a month so I don't want to discard so much starter.  My question is how long can I store the starter in the fridge before I feed it?  I don't want to become a slave to this but I don't want it to die me either. What do you suggest.

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I think I'm being ambitious here.  Building starters, and started with 3.  Actually no,  I didn't start with 3.  I started with 1 full rye.  50g/50g,  following by a 1:1 ratio and then 1:1:1 ratio by the 3rd day.  I realised too late that I was going to build a giant and alot of wastage. I decided to split them into 3.  

I wonder if they are ready or I should just go on feeding them? Looking for advice.


Rye Starter - Day 5 without refreshment yet.

I took out about 160g from this rye starter and then added 50g/50g.  I think I should have thrown out more.  It's not as bubbly as the one that I added whole wheat.


Starter 2:  Added White flour - Day 5 without refreshment (using Dan Lepard's % of white leaven formula)

80g of initial rye starter/100g white/80g water

It's more bubbly and seems to have tripled.  Is this ready?


Mother Starter (Peter Reinhart)

I actually read wrongly and used Reinhart's formula on the 4th day.  But it's also very bubbly.  Should I continue with this formula to create the mother starter as per Reinhart's formula?

80g rye starter/60g whole wheat/20g water


Looking for suggestions and advices.

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Contaminated Starter?

April 26, 2010 - 4:43pm -- ANFlynn

I was wondering if it is possible for your sourdough started to some how get contaminated with commercial yeast?  My started (made by Reinhart's method in BBA) made great bread for a while.  Lately, though, I have noticed that the rise is too fast and although the starter still smells sour, the bread isn't coming out like it used to.  It acts just like instant yeast!  Thoughts?

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What is the highest amount of starter you've gone through in a day?

March 22, 2010 - 11:09pm -- Niashi

Greetings all,


Today I was very active in cooking. I am just new to sourdoughs and today was the first day I cooked with my starter. I went through 871g of starter today. I made sourdough bread (first loaf ever. I slightly screwed up, but will be making the second loaf here shortly) and sourdough pancakes.


My poor little starter went through a lot of work today!

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Need help maintaining sourdough starter from a local grocery's bakery...

March 5, 2010 - 9:40pm -- Chrisan

I recently acquired a sourdough starter from Earth Fare's bakery (free by the way!). It seems to be thinner than pancake batter. It's been sitting at room temperature for about 8 hours in a plastic container that's not shut all the way---oh and there's hooch, that watery alcohol layer starting to form at the top. Do I put it in the fridge or keep it at room temperature? I think I'm gonna put it in the fridge since I don't know what to feed it exactly.

Anyway, I don't wanna kill it or mess up the starter since this is my first time with a starter.

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Janice Boger

Okay, now I have a starter and need a jar.  Do I need something special.  Certainly can do better than the expensive one from KA.  My big question is does it have to have air flowing or does it need a tight seal?  Can I use a mason jar with the metallic lid?  Can I use a quart canister that has a rubber seal and a small metal clamp?  Maybe it is not that important, but I want to do this right.  Thanks for your help.


New Baker

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How long is too long?

February 22, 2010 - 4:03am -- Walden Pond

I have a sourdough starter which I have been using for awhile. It makes a nice loaf, though it is more of an artisan white bread than sourdough.


I have been trying to make a new sourdough starter, using several of the methods on this forum (ie. pineapple juice, rye, whole wheat, etc), but none seem to come alive. No bubbles, no doubling, no fermented or yeasty smell.


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How much starter to use (Hamelman 2T recipe)

January 19, 2010 - 11:18am -- jkdufair

Hi -

I've got my first starter going (125% hydration, built according to instructions in Hamelman's "Bread").  I have about 10 oz. in a crock in my fridge now.  When read Hamelman's recipe for Vermont Sourdough, it calls for building the starter with 2 T of my starter and then adding in however much flour and water.

My question is: what do I do with the 10 oz minus 2T left in my crock?  How do I feed it?  What do I do with the 2T I'm supposed to reserve from the recipe?


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