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sourdough starter

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Sourdough bread too sour! - need help

December 4, 2007 - 10:47am -- subfuscpersona

Ten days ago I began my journey in the land of sourdough.

My very first sourdough starter was made following the excellent instructions in tattooedtonka and jmonkeys epic starter catching tandem trial. Nursed with rye and weaned to bread flour on day 4, the starter looked ready to leave the nursery and go to work at the end of 8 days. Day 9 became my first ever sourdough bread baking attempt.

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bread sticks

When I read about Susan's grissini, I thought they would be perfect for using up leftovers after building up the starter in preparation for making bread.

And I was right!! I used just half the yeast in our pizza dough recipe and with the leftovers from feeding the starter, there was enough leavening power to make the dough double in exactly the same time that it would have with just yeast.

Making the sticks was dead easy, even though I couldn't quite wrap my mind around Susan's instructions for folding each strip in half (nothing wrong with the instructions - everything wrong with my brain....) So I folded them in half to make shorter rectangles and twisted them to join the pieces together.

Grissini are fabulous!! Many thanks, Susan, for posting about them so we would try them too.

I just realized that I should have stuck almond slivers on the ends of each bread stick to make them scary looking for Hallowe'en! (They do look like fingers, don't they?)

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Question re: what to do with dehydrated starter update

October 25, 2007 - 8:42pm -- pmcgrah608

Thanks to the inspiration of this forum, I created a wild sourdough starter on Sept 19.  It has created some wonderful breads, so I followed someone's idea to dry some starter by spreading it thinly on waxed paper and letting it dry.  Now I have fingernail sized flakes of dry starter.  Should I put it in a blender to make the flakes smaller?  Do I store this at room temperature or in the refrigerator, or freezer?  How can I re-activate the dried starter?  I still have some of my original starter.  This dehydrated starter is a backup, "just in case".

Thank you,

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Glezer Sourdough Starter Instructions

October 23, 2007 - 7:01am -- DennyONeal

Probably a dumb question, but in your posted sourdough starter instructions from Glezer's "Blessing of Bread" I need clarification on the following:

On "Wednesday" of week 1, it says to remove 2 TBSP of rye starter and add to bread flour, plus water. Clear. On the following Thursday, Monday and Tuesday it says to "repeat the same refreshment". Does this mean just adding bread flour and water to existing starter, or, maybe more reasonably, always remove 2 TBSP and use this, as on Wednesday?


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Levain to Liquid Levain? Using "Local Bread" by Daniel Leader

October 16, 2007 - 1:22pm -- greg1790

New to making Starter Dough Bread - I have an active Starter Dough (Stiff Dough Levain) but if I want to use in a recipe calling for Liquid Levain how much water should I add to it?

I assume that the stiff dough levain can be used by adding water.

Stiff Dough Levain proportions are > 45 Levain 50 Water to 100 Flour (Baker's %)

Liquid Levain proportions are > 37 Liquid Levain 130 Water 100 Flour (Baker's %)

 So can I just add 80 plus Water to the Stiff Dough Levain to make Liquid Levain

 Does this make sense?

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Help!  I have had my starter in the refrigerator un-toughed for 2 weeks or less.  When I opened it up, it smelled just like lacquer thinner.  It also as some what solidified on top.  When I fed it last it was ovoer 80 in my kitchen.  Should I throw it out and start over?????  I don't want to kill anyone!   Thanks Dorothy

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Sourdough Starter & Temperature

August 30, 2007 - 7:37am -- colinwhipple

I have been thinking about creating starter so I can do sourdough breads. The problem I am perceiving now is that we are having a heat wave in Southern California, with highs frequently in the 90s.  Is this a bad time to start this?  Is waiting for more mild weather a good idea?

We don't run our air conditioner during the day while both of us are at work. 


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I don't know what I have done to my sourdough starters (I know, one would be plenty) and I would really appreciate any help or advice. I decided to feed one ready to do some baking this week. They have been languishing in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks since I sent a jar of starter to my friend in Eugene. I had decided one was the runny one and one was the thicker one, but this evening when I tried to stir them they were both more than thick. No hooch on top where 2 weeks ago there was a good 1/4" on each one. It took some effort to stir them and dig out the 1/2cup I was going to replace - long strands, very stretchy. I really don't understand the firm starter concept and would prefer to keep my starter (s) liquid. They smell good and appear to be very healthy, but what the heck did I do to bring on the change in texture? Should I increase the amount of water? Have I created a monster? They are both sitting on the counter and I will watch to see what happens, but our weather is warming up and I want to put them back in the frig. Any ideas, anyone? A

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Only weekend I have enough time to make bread, otherwise only muffins I could.

I cultured a starter using apples, nice odour and taste. The breads are also crunchy, light and soft. 


200g  All-Purpose flour

5g Rye flour

95g bread flour

2g Salt

2g instant yeast

40g apple starter

150g water

Now it is very hot in Taiwan, over 35 celsius degrees everyday. My bread machine could not work properly because of overheated. 


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Day 1

1 Cup KA BF
1 Cup Warm Water


Day 2

I am not really sure if it is good to have all of this activity under 24 hours after starting this and not even feeding it once. I will let it go and see what happens. I have been doing some reading and found that the brownish liquid isn't much of a problem but all this activity I am not sure is a good or bad thing yet.




Day 3






Day 4

The smell is way less and well , and I don't know if this looks good or not,.






I wanted to share what it looks like, as it is my first time doing this and I find the entire process intriguing to say the least.


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