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Sourdough problem

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sourdough starter problem

August 7, 2011 - 11:54am -- qahtan

 Every so often I get this urge to make or try to make sourdough...... and every time I fail....

I have obtained all linds of starters, and many very kind souls have sent me some of theirs to get started.

 But always the same, after about 3 days it stinks like strong paint. so I dump it.

 I have tried different flours, different water, still the same, now what can I do...

Many many years ago I  did manage some how to get a decent loaf, how I don't know. but it was a long long time ago.....Any ideas...... qahtan 

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Why does my sourdough look like this?

September 4, 2010 - 3:43pm -- Jwhite8040

I followed the KAF Sourdough recipe.  I made one batch of dough and let it rise until doubled.  It looked great.  I put it on the counter and cut it in half and formed two boules and let them rise on parchment.  One boule came out smooth and nice, the other came out ragged and torn on the surface.  It did not effect the crumb, but it looks bad.  What did I do to one boule that I didn't do to the other?  I'm stumped.  

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