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sourdough pancakes

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Recently I've been on a mission to really try and improve my food photography. Although I make sourdough pancakes quite often i decided to really take a stab at re-vamping my original post. The recipe is still pretty much identical however this time I topped each pancake with some diced lightly seasoned apples. They really reminded me of traditional german Apple kuchen. They came out delicious and perfectly fluffy. We topped some with home made blueberry and cherry compote and I also caramelized some bananas. 

Link to recipe :

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Firm starter to liquid starter?

June 6, 2010 - 5:06pm -- Mary Clare

I saw a recipe for sourdough pancakes on King Arthur's website, and it called for two cups of liquid starter.  I have about 1/4 cup left over when I refresh my firm Maggie Glezer starter, but nothing like two cups!  I did make half a recipe of the pancakes and they turned out OK (they also called for baking soda, so that was safe, I guess.)  

How does going from firm starter to liquid starter go?  Two cups sounds like an awful lot!

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Whole grain high fiber sourdough pancakes

December 23, 2009 - 5:35am -- Doc Tracy

Yes, sounds gross, disgusting, unless you like whole grains. But, actually I've fed my WG pancakes to white pancake eaters who won't touch whole grains and they've loved it! Today I decided I didn't want to throw away my yummy baby starter so I incorporated it into my usually non-SD pancakes. (haven't made pancakes since before I was baking with SD)

Here it is:

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