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The right grain for "whole grain sourdough"

February 28, 2010 - 4:01pm -- Peggy Bjarno

I am hoping that today I have finally perfected my sourdough -- we haven't cut into it yet, but it's been a long time a-comin', having experimented with a variety of tips, hints and suggestions in the sourdough forum. Let's assume that my sourdouch has all the right features, crust, crumb and taste, and now I want to make it into a whole grain loaf. Many of the grains that are added to whole grain breads have a sweetness to them that would overwhelm the sour that I've struggled to achieve. I wouldn't mind nutty, but it can't be sweet nutty, it would have to be sour nutty.

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Sourdough isn't sour :(

February 2, 2010 - 2:12pm -- Angelo

So I've been nailing my sourdough breads from the start. Each one is gorgeous, the texture is spot on. The only problem I have is ...


... it's not sour.It doesn't taste bland, it just tastes ... not sour. At all. Well, sometimes a little, but read on.

I grew my culture straight out of the BBA's formula, on into a barm, which I've refreshed every 2-3 days for a month now. Reading throughout his book over and over, I've done the following to try salvaging the mild flavor:

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I'm a northern Californian who now lives in Des Moines and there is little sourdough in this part of the least little GOOD sourdough.  I'm wanting to bake my own and love this site.  Any tricks to getting a really sour sourdough???  I'm not looking for a mild sourdough.


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Rye or Wheat Sour from White Sour

May 13, 2009 - 5:58pm -- BigDfromAZ

I'm relatively new, but I managed to raise my own sour starter about a month ago.  I'm getting great results from it so I was wondering if anyone knows if I can take some and convert it to either a rye or whole wheat starter with successive feedings just as I phased out the rye from my original sour?  Is there something special that results from starting and staying with rye?  It seems like this should work fine, but I wanted some opinions.  Thanks in advance for any responses.

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A sour kind of day

October 19, 2007 - 7:05am -- Joe Fisher

There was a time when I thought sourdough was this intimidating, terrifying, impossible thing that required constant work and dedication.

Today I use almost zero commercial yeast. I've found that I can ignore my starter for a lot longer than I had thought. The night before I want to use it I give it a good feeding and in the morning it's ready to be fed again or used right away. I'll usually feed it again to get a nice sour tang.


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