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Zojirushi Mini Cycles and Texture

October 24, 2010 - 7:36am -- Dasme2004

So far when baking bread I have only used the Regular or Quick Baking Cycle with the "Light Crust" option.  For what types of recipes would I use the "Firm" or "Soft" option? Can someone please explain how the bread results will differ if I use the "soft" option for a Whole wheat bread recipe?  Also I love a bread texture that has holes.  Is there a particular name for that texture?

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Barbequed Philadelphia Soft pretzels

July 7, 2010 - 11:34am -- Talever

Barbequed Philadelphia Soft pretzels


Growing up in Philadelphia the corner Pretzel vendor was always there ready with a soft Pretzel (they were not always that soft)  But the flavor was like nothing else. 


I have missed them for so many years.  But I have managed to make a pretty good pretzel and I do use a lye bath as it gives the pretzel the best authentic flavor.


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Do you have a recipe for raisin sandwich loaf? Michel's Baguette, Toronto ON

July 5, 2010 - 7:25pm -- 4.184kj


I am a new bread baker trying to recreate my family's favourite raisin sandwich loaf from Michel's Baguette, Toronto, ON.  The loaf is a plain white sandwich style loaf, mixed with raisins.  I've tried a few recipes including the American sandwich loaf from America's Test Kitchen, Hokkaido milk loaf, and some other Japanese style bread recipes using variations of AP, bread, and cake flour.  None of them was exactly what I was looking for.  Sometimes my loaves come out dense, and most of the time, they dried out the next day.  Any ideas/suggestions? 

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Real Southern Biscuits

February 4, 2010 - 11:54am -- Sheryl

Hello all. 

Growing up in the rural South, the women in my family (tennessee and alabama) made biscuits unconsciously. Talking, doing ten things and all the while flour was flying and hands moving without measuring, no fancy equipment, the most rudimentary supplies and out of their ovens came the lightest, soft as a cloud biscuits, apparently without having to think about it. Today, a 'southern biscuit' is a cakey thing like this - foodies everywhere call this a 'southern biscuit' - 

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Observations on whole grain breads

January 28, 2010 - 3:37pm -- Stephanie Brim

I just wanted to add a couple of observations about the 100% whole wheat sandwich breads I've been making lately.

First off, the epoxy method really does work. I've done it now by hand and by mixer and it really isn't that hard. I really like it. It seems to give the whole bread a better texture, and I'm getting whole grain breads that are soft enough for even my toddler to like it for PB&J sandwiches. And that's something.

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Advice needed on recipe.

August 17, 2009 - 7:56am -- Fence

Hello everyone!

I'm rather a novice at baking and I love experimenting, but I would like other people's opinions before I try out the following recipe. Truth be told, I made it up myself. I'm going for a white bread loaf with a relatively moist inside and a crispy outside. So please give me some advice and any critique is welcome!

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I have made soft pretzels in the past, and have always enjoyed them, however I have always wanted to make a sourdough version. After much internet research, I did not come across any recipes that called out to me, so I decided to do my own. I adapted a Bertinet recipe, simply replacing fermented white dough in the recipe with an equal quantity of firm sourdough starter. I also retarded the dough in the fridge over night... though this was more to do with the fact that I wanted to bake them fresh the next morning rather than anything else.


All in all I was really pleased with the result. The inside was very soft and authentic. I didn't bother with either a lye bath, or boiling the pretzels prior to baking. I plan to try boiling the next time I make these, but the lye bath seems a little to much trouble.

By the way, I will be happy to post the whole recipe if anyone is interested.


happy baking



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