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Smoked Gouda

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Second Cooking

The loaf shown below used the same formula as the rolls I posted last week. The only difference is I increased the cheese to 50% of the flour percentage and increased to 650g total flour for a loaf size batch.


I was quite pleased with the results. The cheese was oozing quite a bit at that percentage, but that's OK by me. I had a seam on the one side that I didn't seal real well, also. I was hosting the meeting for my boy's Adventure Guides club this month and rushed it a bit. My one son made a batch of chili and I made pot of beans to go with. My other son made some chocolate chip cookies to serve the other kids for desert, so was quite a good meal. It was very tasting sopping up a bit of chili with some good bread in hand.


I made a batch of pretty standard rolls to go with the dinner, as well. With kids and mixed crowd it make since to have a safe choice.


I made an 800g flour batch with the following percentages:

Bread Flour 100%, Water 65%, Salt 2%, Instant yeast ~0.7%

Mix to incorporate, rest 20 minutes, stretch and fold twice, retard in refrigerator 24 hours, bring back to room temperature (about hour and and half), divide in 75g portions, preform into 6” logs, rest 10 minutes, form into knot rolls, proof about two hours, bake 15 minutes at 400°, serve warm.


I had a room full of hungry people when the rolls were done baking, so they went straight out. I didn't actually have any warm myself (I did have a couple pieces of the cheese bread, but that I had let rest a couple hours). I had some of the rolls over the next couple days and they were pretty good. I'm thinking to make some white bread crumbs up for the filling in some Bialys this weekend. Have to check what our plans are though, to see if I'll have time to get it in or not.


Happy baking everyone,

Take care, Todd

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Second Cooking

I made some rolls a few weeks ago with bits and pieces of left over hard cheese. I just grated them and added to the dough. I also had just a scrap of Gouda, that I cut in chunks and threw in as well. They came out fine. Mostly a shrap taste from whatever the predominate hard cheese was. I liked the occasional smoked smoked bite from the Gouda.

When I saw a Smoked Gouda at the Costco last weekend from a local dairy, I decide I would give some cheese rolls another try. I tend to more whole grain when cooking only for myself. Figuring everyone would want some cheese bread, I decided to go with mostly white flour. Since my starter is on a white whole wheat, I went with a country style mix on the dough.

 Overall Formula:

300g Bread Flour* 60%

150g White Whole Wheat 30%

50g Rye 10%

325g Water* 65%

10g Salt 2%

0.5 Tablespoon Instant yeast ~0.5%

180g Smoked Gouda 36%


*I used a 20% of the flour as a preferment sourdough at 100% hydration.

100 g White whole wheat

100 g Water

 Mix all ingredients, except for the cheese. Knead by hand for minute or so, and fold into the dough. I cut these a little uneven in size so they would give different size pockets in the rolls.


 Stretch and fold 3 times 20 minutes apart. Let rest another 20 and divided.


 I was a little pressed for time when I started on these. My starter was at room temperature (approx. 70°), but I used warm water to bring the dough temp up a little quicker. I also kept everything in a warm oven the whole time (approx. 85°). I had formed these all as rounds. They proofed in about an hour and a half.


 Bake at 400° for just under 20 minutes. I checked at 15 originally and they were pretty much done by then, so I covered with foil. I didn't want them to brown up much more, but wanted to be sure to have the cheese melt.


 I let them rest about five minutes.


 They came out pretty good, I thought. I had two right then.

I've made similar versions before with other semisoft cheeses, as rolls and bread loafs.  With rolls you tend to get a little more seeping out the sides or you could used a little less cheese, I suppose.  I have plenty of cheese left.  I may try this as a loaf next and squeeze a little more cheese in.

Take care, Todd

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