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small bakery

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Would like to volunteer my time in a small bread bakery

March 1, 2012 - 11:50am -- Claire65

I'm interested in opening a small bread bakery. So far all my baking is done from two ovens in my kitchen. Customer base is growing (this is all legal where I live) and I am thinking about expanding but want to move slowly so I do it right without putting myself in financial danger. I'd like to volunteer my time for a week or two in a small bread bakery on the East Coast--whether or not I"m allowed to actually make bread. I just want to experience all that's in a commercial bakery--from flour to dough to oven. 

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Good suggestions of small or semi-commercial ovens

March 29, 2011 - 12:54am -- shane.p.mcmanus

Hi everyone!

I just joined the forum today, but i've been reading for quite some time. I am doing a cost-analysis of opening a bakery in Beijing, where I have lived for a number of years. There are very few good bakeries, and especially bagel shops. One of my friends has his own bagel store back in the U.S., and he has already agreed to come out for a month or two to help us open shop and train employees and myself included.

So here is the question of this topic:

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