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Taco bowls for taco salads

September 24, 2012 - 11:43am -- AnnaInMD

Hi, everyone,  ok, I received my order of large taco bowl molds and armed myself with 5 lbs of masa harina.  My first attempt at the bowls/shells was very very awful. They were thick and took forever to bake to a slight brown since no fat was involved (I guess).

The instructions tell me that I am supposed to roll out the dough very very thin and then transfer into the mold.  Yes, but they didn't say how.

The dough tears, if I am lucky enough to even get it off the plastic wrap which was sprayed with a bit of oil.

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The state of my starter

September 29, 2008 - 6:59am -- kung fu bbq

Hello bakers.

I've been making my own bread now for about half a year. The italian bread over in the Favorite Recipes is probably the most difficult I've done. I have some other main stay recipes that I use for white/wheat loaves but what I really want to make is sourdough.

 So after checking my calendar and making sure I'm not traveling anywhere I started my starter.

The starter I'm using is a Amish friendship starter. May or may not be the best but I had all the ingredients at the house.

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