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Shaping a boule

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  I wanted to thank Syd who gave me good information to shape a boule. I have had a trouble with it.

Syd's comment here :

I made Susan's Norwish Sourdough with raisin yeast water.  I wanted to use multi-build levain to get close to sourdough crumb, but I was really motivated to practice shaping a boule..

Susan's Norwish Sourdough here:  This is my favorite, too. Thank you, Susan!

Here is how I made:



  • 113 g  KA AP
  • 68 g  Raisin yeast water with alcoholic raisins

Final dough:

  • 450 g  KA bread flour
  • 58 g    rye flour
  • 331 g   water   DDT 74F
  • 10g    Salt


  1. Make the levain  mix and leave it at room temperature 70-72F for overnight.
  2. Mix with final dough except the salt.
  3. Autolyze 30 minutes.
  4. Add the salt  and knead until pass a window pane.
  5. Bulk fermentation   4 hours ( 1 time S&F after 45 minutes)  at 73-74F.  * When I saw the dough in 45 minutes, the dough rose doubled already ( I would do S&F even the dough didn't rise much ), I did punch down and make a ball shape like doing S&F in the bowl gently because my family doesn't like to taste strong gluten developed in the crumb.
  6. Preshape 
  7. Bench time  20 minutes
  8. Shape
  9. Proof  1 hour at 76F
  10. Retard  4 hours  at 42.8F.
  11. Proof again at 76F for 40 minutes.
  12. Bake  465F 12 minutes with steam, decreased the temperature to 420F, continue to bake 30 more minutes.

I tasted good sourness from the rye flour. The crumb is softer.  I wonder if I retarded it overnight? 

I finally got the crumb that I was hoping for.  Thank you so much, Syd!

Happy baking,


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