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SFBI Artisan Baking I, Day 1

January 21, 2013 - 9:25pm -- linder

Today was the first day of Artisan Bread I at SFBI(San Francisco Baking Institute) in South San Francisco. Our instructor is Miyuki.  We went over mixing processes - Short Mix, Improved Mix and Intensive Mix, highlighting differences in the processes and impact they have on hydration, yeast, salt percentages and results in terms of gluten development, fermentation times, crumb structure, elasticity, extensibility, and dough handling. 

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News from founder of SFBI

December 26, 2012 - 12:50pm -- yy

Hello all

You may already have received this email from Michel Suas, the founder of SFBI, but just in case you didn't, it's copied below. SFBI has run into a bureaucratic brick wall and may have to shut down. We could help by sending some messages of support. I personally have not taken any classes, but I had plans to do so in the future, and I have found their textbook to be an excellent resource. I hope we can all throw our voices behind them.


To All SFBI Family Members,


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Just Signed Up for SFBI Artisan I

November 27, 2012 - 3:16pm -- linder

I justed signed up for the 1 week Artisan Baking I class at San Francisco Baking Institute.  I'm excited and anxious about the class.  I've been baking bread for many years, but just for my family, and lately have branched out into sourdough.  Although sourdough breads are not covered in this first course, is there anything I should do before the class to prepare?



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SBI Linen Couche - wash before first use?

June 19, 2012 - 7:48am -- MNBäcker

I just bought a few yards of linen couche from SFBI - should I wash it before the first use? I have read conflicting opinions on the topic after a search.

Als, I bought 5 yards - should I cut the pieces down to the sizes (1 yard each) before or after washing (if I need to wash)?

I do know never to wash once I start using the material.

Thanks in advance,


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Prep for SFBI?

April 15, 2012 - 10:40pm -- run4bread

I signed up for SFBI Artisan I to get a better feel for dough and handling, and because it gets good reviews here! And because baking for a week sounds like a fun vacation. Since a number of you have gone there, or someplace similar, I would like your advice. What is good prep for going (types of bread, techniques, reading or re-reading)? And is there anything I should do or ask once there? My interest is sourdough breads, not the viennoisserie, although that will be fun and tasty.

Thanks in advance.

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This 2+ kg miche is for an upcoming family gathering. Eighteen of us - most of 3 generations - will be getting together at the Central California beach town where my generation vacationed with our parents in the 1960's and '70's. There are lot's of wonderful memories of those Summers.

The formula for the miche is from the SFBI Artisan II workshop I took last December. I have described the formula and methods here: This miche is a hit! Since then, many TFL members have made this bread and seem to have enjoyed it as much as I. That includes brother Glenn, who has promised to bring along a matching miche.

The only modification of the original formula for this bake was to use half WFM Organic AP flour and half CM Organic Type 85 flour.

 The crust has lots of lovely crackles.

No crumb photos, since I'm taking it intact to the gathering.

I also baked a couple 1 pound loaves of the San Francisco Sourdough from AB&P today. The formula can be found here: Crackly Crust & Shiny Crumb: San Francisco Sourdough from AB&P

I think the "group photo" puts things in better perspective.


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Ryan Sandler

With all this talk on the forum about miche lately, I've been itching to give it a try.  So when the excellent dmsnyder posted the formula for the miche he made in the SFBI Artisan II workshop, I decided that the time was now and the bread should be here!

I followed the very nicely written formula at the link, using a small amount of whole wheat flour in the Levain and toasted wheat germ in the final build, as I've no good source for high-extraction whole wheat flour.  I made the levain with 25% whole wheat flour, 75% KAF AP (and my starter had been fed the same mix), to get approximately 3.33% whole wheat in the final dough (it actually ends up being a bit more, but I didn't worry about it).

I must say, this is an excellent formula, and an excellent bread.  Incredible oven spring.  Wonderful alliterative potential too: My massive mighty miche makes mastication memorable.

Anyway, pictures:

From the top


Another external view


Miriam meets miche


Not a bad crumb either.


We sliced it 7 hours after it came out of the oven.  Lovely flavor and texture, lots of character.  Looking forward to snacking on the remaining three quarters of a loaf  I'd definitely make it again, although unlike dmsnyder, the notion of upgrading to a 2kg loaf sounds intimidating!  If nothing else, there's no way that would fit in my poor little banetons.  I guess there's always the "napkin in a bowl" trick, eh?

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New baking education resource from the SFBI

December 28, 2010 - 12:44pm -- dmsnyder

The San Francisco Baking Institute has just launched a new educational resource they call the "SFBI Baking Circle." This is a collection of several hundred brief videos demonstrating techniques used in making breads, viennoiserie and pastries. The videos are designed to supplement Michel Suas' textbook, "Advanced Bread and Pastry," but are useful for any baker without the textbook. There are some samples available for viewing, but access to the full collection requires a paid subscription ($83 for 2-years).


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