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semolina flour

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Semolina Flour

August 4, 2012 - 11:57pm -- shoshanna673

I would like to try the semolina bread from this site, however I am not sure if semolina and semolina flour are the same thing.  I have both coarse and fine semolina in my pantry, but am a little unsure whether either of these count as flour?  Here in Sth Australia we are a little devoid of flour mills and a great selection of ingredients like different flours, etc.  Am forced to make my own brioche buns coz hardly anyone knows what they are! They taste better anyway. That's backward for you.  Hope someone can help with the semolina question.

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semolina flour

August 6, 2011 - 11:35am -- dolcebaker

I have added durum semolina flour to breads in the past, and have a recipe for a bread mostly made from this, I noticed that it seems to make the bread moister.  What is it about the semolina that causes this?  Can I add it to other 'dry' products to add moisture?  I am thinking that it just retains more water vs a high gluten flour (bread), and expect that whole wheat flour may do the same thing becuse of the bran?  Does semolina which I thought was just a different kind of wheat (harder) act the same way bran does?  (thinking as I type :o)


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