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Here is week #2



















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It's already been two weeks since the last Parade of Sandwiches and fall is here.  Yes, it is still in the 80's but it feels wonderful after 5 months of the AZ heat.  Fall flowers are starting to bloom again. 











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Finally the final edition of the Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff'

Eat your heart out Ian.  Kitties  on a Folding Bread Mastabe!



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It's been 10 weeks since our last parade so we will cut out about half the sandwiches and other stuff we would normally post.  We want to promote good, well balanced lunches just like the ones we had in grade school 50 years ago but we don't want to go so overboard that they compete with or are nearly as good as the ones kids enjoy in public schools today.  There might be some other stuff that sneaks in there now and again.





























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There is nothing we like better than sandwiches when it comes to bread.  It has been nearly month since we did a parade so here goes:

Naan made on the grill

The Chacon wiith Mushroom and Brie Soup with some home made croutons.

A brand new Breadman for a $1 on 'Dollar Thursdays' at Goodwill.  Nice gift for a physically challenged friend.

How did that Chocolate Cake get between those Mocha Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches?  I'm pretty sure that is illegal!

Monsoon Sunset

Mango is the most eaten fruit in the world - I would have guessed apples.

DaBialotta with a nice (triple 2) 2 mushroom, 2 pepper, 2 cheese egg white omlete.  We love 2's around here.

It's nice that sometimes a good lunch is followed later by a fine sunset.

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It has been almost 3 weeks since the last blog post of lunch sammys and other stuff - so here goes.

More later





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With the freezer full of half loaves of recent bread bakes we had time to do some other cooking and grilling.  We ran across these great apricots.  Never seen anything like them - just beautiful color - inside and out.  Almost too good to eat!

So some apricot, nectarine and ginger jam was soon to follow.

A nice salad with 3 kinds of lettuce, green onion, criminis, carrot, queso fresco, tomatoe, corn, brocolli, squash, red pepper...

Indian Chicken with grilled, eggplant, grey squash and pak choy.

My daughter said this is her favorite of all the bread we have made.  Her tastes have come a long way.  50% whole grain SD combo with sprouts, scald and 2 nuts found here

A smoked sausage, green onion, red pepper, chipotle aioli and queso fresco sammy.

With berries, grey squash, corn, brocolli, salad Thai red chili mac and cheese and pickles.

Apple granola crisp with bourbon, sans dried fruit.

Grilled peppers, grey squash, onions for some; chickan tacos, Pico de Brownman, Mexican green dirty rice and some 3 beans Baja style with pork jowl.

Tequila, Mojo de Ajo, multi dried peppers and lime Baja Chicken.

Is that a piece of chocolate pudding cake hiding under the ice cream w/ chocolate sauce and Apple Granola Crisp? 

A tuckered out apprentice chillin' in her favorite spot on the back of the sofa.  Do you think she is getting a little cubby?





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Hey All,

Just wanted to share with you all my bake from today...  Lots of stuff to share.  On the left side is just a sourdough bread that is similar to the Pane Casereccio di Genzano from Dan Leader's Local Breads...  The other two are 90% rye breads from Hamelman's Bread.  For the rye breads, I freshly hand milled organic rye berries for each of the steps using the Detmolder process.  I just used my storage stiff sourdough starter to start the rye sours...  The last 2 photos are some sandwiches that basically contain all my girlfriend's favorite ingredients: smoked salmon, avocado, mango, fresh mozzarella, and mesclun.  Strange combo, but we learned about this combo at Le Petite Abeille in NYC...  Enjoy!

Tomorrow I'll post some crumbshots of the rye bread as Hamelman recommends letting the bread rest for at least 24 hours for the crumb to stabilize...


Edit: Rye bread pics are up...  We made some toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and herring...  Yum!

90% Rye Bread (Based on Hamelman’s 90% Rye from Bread)


Rye Sour #1

26g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

24g Firm Sourdough Starter (60% hydration)

50g Water

100g Total


Rye Sour #2

200g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

156g Water

50g Rye Sour #1

226g Total


Rye Sour #3

290g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

290g Water

226g Rye Sour #2

806g Total


Final Dough

580g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

110g Bread Flour

476g Water

20g Kosher Salt

1 tsp ADY

806g Rye Sour #2

1996g Total



Evening of Day 1

6:50pm – Measure out ingredients for Rye Sour #1, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl, cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter.

11:50pm - Measure out ingredients for Rye Sour #2, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl, cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter.

Morning of Day 2

8:30am - Measure out ingredients for Rye Sour #3, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl, cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter.

11:45am - Measure out ingredients for final dough, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl with wooden spoon.  Do not touch this dough with your hands.  Just mix it well, and smooth it over with a wet spoon. Cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter. For 30 minutes.

12:15pm – Divide into 2 equal pieces.  Flour your work surface, shape into boule, place into linen lined banneton seam side down.  Proof for 1 hour.  Place 2 stones in oven on different levels, along with seam pan.  Preheat to 550F with convection.

1:15pm – Turn boules out onto lightly floured peel, dock if desired with chopstick or skewer, place in oven directly on stone.  When all loaves are in, add 1 cup of water to steam pan, close door, turn oven down to 480F, no convection, bake for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, rotate loaves, turn oven down to 410F.  Bake for another 60 minutes, rotating and switching loaves between stones halfway through.  Loaves are done when internal temp reaches 210F.  Cool loaves completely and let rest for 24 to 36 hrs before cutting.

Notes: I did not go through the 15-24hr fermentation for rye sour build #2 as per Hamelman's instructions.  My attempt was not very sour tasting, which for me is good.  Also, I should have let the loaf rest for the full 24 hrs before cutting.  It was a little gummy, but this was quickly resolved by toasting...  Also, I have the small iron hand crank mill that Gerard Rubaud uses to grind...








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