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San Joaquin

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Received my starter from KAF at Thursday lunch and San Joaquin sourdough out of the oven Saturday afternoon.  I used this version:

My only changes were to use KAF WWW instead of rye and to retard for 15 hrs not 21.  

All was well until, for some reason, I decided to use parchment paper instead of tea towels for the final proof.  My loaves stuck and got rather deformed and deflated in their removal.  <sigh>  Scoring also didn't go well as there was little surface tension and crust left.  But the amazing oven spring made them look much nicer than they had any right to be.  

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I really enjoyed the loaves I made last time so I made a few more this weekend. These ones had a bulk fermentation time of about 40 hours. I'm really enjoying this new whole wheat starter. Has great flavour, crazy active and only a couple weeks old.

Shape, no grigne but still very good looking loaves.


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