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salt reduction

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bakers percentage and recipes

December 11, 2010 - 2:34pm -- ggage

I just got a KD8000 digital scale with bakers percentage. so I worked out my current recipe as close as i could ,it shows I use 3 percent salt . I've been  doing this recipe that I scaled up from trial and error 20 years ago,with a little help from recipe books. It always works but don't know if I should try reducing the salt.  I'll list my recipe-any comment welcome. 2.3 kg fresh ground hard red spring wheat,1800 ml water 40 gm   yeast 70gm salt 150 gm brown sugar ( more or less depending on mood ,usually less) 100 ml olive oil.

regards Ggage

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Salt % reduction - pros? cons?

April 17, 2010 - 12:01pm -- 008cats

I just realized the other day that a recipe I was fine-tuning to my liking was actually too salty for my taste (the sourness had masked this quite a bit). I reduced it from 2% TFW to 1.65% and felt the taste was better - I could go lower as we don't use much salt and I find I can taste it much more than other folk. The thing is, and I've done this twice now just to make sure, the dough was so much easier to handle & shape (which is great), but the crumb was much softer and less chewy (about  which I feel less enthusiastic).

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