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New from Sacramento

November 14, 2012 - 9:26pm -- LisaE

Hi All,

I'm a working mom and wife who has loved making bread for most of my life. I have made things like white, wheat, italian bread, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls. But I have always loved sourdough bread. The more sour the better. So I have joined the site hoping for advice and encouragement to capture my own wild yeast and keep them healthy and thriving. I figured that being just up the river and a delta breeze away from San Francisco would be an advantage to starting a starter, but from reading many subjects on this site, I guess I don't have a leg up by my location, Alas!

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I went on a shopping trip today here in Sacramento, visiting some bakeries I've never been to before and fetching esoteric flours I can't get at my neighborhood grocery.

Here's what I bought where, and what I thought of it:

1.  A baguette from Freeport Bakery on Freeport Blvd (Tasted like day old bread made with cake flour, weightless squishy stuff, didn't care for it at all!)

2.  A loaf of Deli Rye with caraway seeds from The Bread Store on J Street (A beautiful nearly spherical loaf, chewy and delicious, loved it!)

3.  A loaf of Vollkornbrot 100% rye with sunflower seeds from Grateful Bread Co. on Fair Oaks Blvd (A nice, very dense rectangular loaf, very chewy and delicious, loved it!)

4.  Dark Rye Flour from the bulk foods section of Winco Foods on Sheldon Road (I use this because it's the cheapest rye flour I've found in Sacramento where rye flour isn't found in most grocery stores.  The only problem is Winco's plastic bags tend to leak.)

5. Golden Temple brand Durum Atta Flour from the import section back in the "vegetables" aisle of Food Maxx on Florin Road (Haven't used it yet, 10 bucks for a 20-lb sack is a great price and it smells delicious!)

I also stopped at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op on Alhambra Blvd at S Street.  The only rye flour they had was dark rye and their price was a tad higher than Winco's.

I'll try to post pictures of the loaves I bought tomorrow.

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