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rye baked in cloche didn't rise

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Rye bread in cloche didnt rise....

September 7, 2008 - 1:01pm -- rubato456

i made my first rye bread....whole wheat, a bit of corn meal and the rest rye  (about 50% rye....).  mistakenly, i only gave the dough two risings, as i had been doing a lot of pizza dough prior to this and 'forgot' about the final rising after shaping the loaf.  i used a homemade 'la cloche' a large unglazed pot i had soaked in i slid the bread on the baking stone (oven preheated to 450) and baked for 20 minutes, then removed the cloche and baked another 20.  the bread tastes wonderful....however the total height of it can't be over 2 inches tall.

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