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rye flour

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Rye topics and content for the Handbook

January 20, 2009 - 4:59pm -- dmsnyder

There has been discussion of having a Handbook "chapter" on rye baking. Given the current outline, it seems more appropriate to have sections on rye in several places - ingredients, methods, recipes, etc.

So, I created this topic as a place to discuss material pertaining to rye that should be in the Handbook.


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Best over all Rye flavor & Source

October 4, 2008 - 2:00pm -- ehanner

I'm hoping Norm or Mike or David or anyone located here in the US who knows rye flours will respond to this question. I'm sure there are many others who like rye breads but for the most part our only option is the supermarket which carries Hodgson Mills Whole grain Rye. Yes there are some local expensive health food stores that carry other types but at boutique prices. King Arthur has a selection but again at unreasonable pricing if you do a lot of baking. So the questions are.

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Hello, fellow bread enthusiasts.


I recently moved to Glendale, AZ.  Our family likes dark breads of all kinds...including multi-grain, rye and whole wheat. I have had no luck in finding Rye Flour at our local grocers.  The Whole Wheat flour is available, but in small 5 lb bags and is very expensive.  

Any suggestions where I could buy 25 or 50 lb bags of these fours in the Phoenix/ Glendale area?

 As you can see from my photo, I like baking specialty breads, like the traditional Russian Easter breads.  However now I am looking to bake some basic, spongy dark country breads with texture and a good crust.

Looking forward to your suggestions


May 3, 2008 

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Only weekend I have enough time to make bread, otherwise only muffins I could.

I cultured a starter using apples, nice odour and taste. The breads are also crunchy, light and soft. 


200g  All-Purpose flour

5g Rye flour

95g bread flour

2g Salt

2g instant yeast

40g apple starter

150g water

Now it is very hot in Taiwan, over 35 celsius degrees everyday. My bread machine could not work properly because of overheated. 


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Siegfried-Sourdough made with milk, 10 days

June 5, 2007 - 1:00am -- Mini Oven

Here is a little gem, fell out of my cookbook (guess he figured his time was ripe).  It is like a Friendship Bread in that one is given Siegfried sourdough sample and a recipe with instructions.  I think it's funny how it contains both metric and cups.  I would just take a sample of your own sourdough and try it.  How much?  Anywhere from a tablespoon  to 1/2 cup, up to you....  Thoughts & comments welcome.


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