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New Year's Day Bake

January 2, 2010 - 5:43am -- preacher1120

Here are a couple of "brag" photos of my New Year's Day bake.  I'm a graduate student at the University of Toronto, so I won't get to bake very much until the Spring term is over in April.  I received Reinhart's new book, Artisan Breads Every Day, for Christmas.  I had been a tester for a few weeks at the end of the process. So, I took a three-day tour of several recipes.  I built up starter on day 1, made final doughs on day 2, and baked on day 3.  Thanks as always to you TFLers for your inspiration, education, and general joie de vivre.

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Southern Style Yeast Rolls

October 7, 2009 - 3:51pm -- stgermain

My Grandmother's Yeast Rolls

Hi - I am new here but after reading so many comments from knowledgable bakers, I thought I would ask for your thoughts/opinions.  I remember my grandmother baking yeast rolls (with cake yeast) that were approximately 4" high, moist, and with an almost silky texture - not at all crumbly.  Does anyone know of a recipe and techniques that might help me replicate her rolls?  Any comments would be appreicated.

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My third Scali

I'm adding this to my blog. It's also in Sylvia's post for Scali bread.

 I'm very happy with this bread. Yesterday I made a double batch and made 7 rolls and one braid. I didn't take a photo of the braid but the rolls are shown below. They were delicious with that stretchy pull apart crumb that I like in Italian breads. To make yesterdays batch I made the starter as given in the KAF recipe very early in the morning, let it sit 7 hours, mixed the dough, let it rise 90 min., deflated it and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning it was risen about half way, I divided it, let it rest for an hour then shaped, let rise and baked. The flavor was delicious in the rolls and like I said a nice stretchy holey crumb. I didn't taste the braid, it was a gift. I did not make the strips 24" long like the recipe called for. I only made them about 17". The loaf was much higher and I liked it that way.


Last night I made up another starter and today made the recipe as written but made batons instead of the braid and used poppy seeds because I had used up all my sesame seeds. It probably can't be called a Scali anymore :o)  I was surprised with the high rise of todays loaves. They were a good 3 1/2"-3 3/4". Todays bread tastes very good but not as delicious as yesterdays and I'm wondering if it's because today I used the dry milk called for instead of using the whole milk I used yesterday or because the dough for the rolls was retarded overnight. Still very good but not quite up to the other. Todays crumb is not as open either.


Anyway, thanks again for introducing us to this KAF recipe. It's become a favorite. Wish I had some of that cherry jam! A friend gave me 5 lbs of the huge dark sweet cherries. I couldn't get out to her place to get them right away so she froze them for me. Do you think I could still make cherry jam with them?



The rolls shown below were made with the Scali dough

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second endeavor after coming back to my electric oven after a month of wood fired brick oven adventures. delicious little rolls for pretty much anything, for me it was a dinner roll.

pretty good rise for a 100% whole wheat, but that seems to be the standard since switching to natural leaven, open crumb, super moist. i was quite pleased. the crust was pretty good too even for the electric oven, although my heart still has a brick oven sized hole...



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Conversion to rolls

May 27, 2009 - 7:13pm -- LindyD

Is there a standard formula for converting a recipe into rolls?

I'd like to make the Hamelman cheese bread again, but because it is such a strongly flavored bread, I think rolls may be a good application.  Easier to share with more people.

Is there a standard weight for rolls?  If the bake time for two 1.5# loaves is 45 minutes at 460F, how do you calculate the bake time for X number of rolls of X weight?    

Through Hamelman and DiMuzio, I know that the bake time is shorter and the oven temp higher, but that's pretty vague.

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Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

April 10, 2009 - 9:35am -- Amberh11

Only a few days left until easter and I have been the designated bread baker for my family's easter dinner. My mom loves those "Kings Hawaiian Rolls" ( the ones they are selling like crazy at costco right now ) so I was thinking...hey I want to try and bake rolls like that... does anyone have a recipe that is similar to these rolls?



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