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Richard Bertinet

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Sourdough too Wet ?

February 28, 2009 - 4:47pm -- rowejd

Hello, I'm brand new to these forums, so sorry if I mess up on any form-etiquette.  I've just used Richard Bertinet's sourdough recipe from CRUST.  Unfortunately with his recipes, I've found that almost all of them require 15 to 20% more water than he calls for.  I emailed him directly to be sure I wasn't crazy and he confirmed that American flours are often "stronger" and absorb more water.

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A video of Richard Bertinet mixing sweet dough

February 26, 2008 - 12:39am -- bshuval

Richard Bertinet has a very interesting kneading technique that I really like. It is similar to the technique that Maggie Glezer describes in her book "Artisan Baking".

Bertinet's method is initially a little difficult to understand from the words alone, but the book is accompanied by a DVD that makes the method very clear. 

Today I found a wonderful video online showing Richard Bertinet mixing a sweet dough. It is an excellent video, showing Bertinet's kneading technique. Here is the link to it:


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