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Rice flour

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Dusting cloth with Flour

February 3, 2013 - 10:13am -- Jezella

Following a disaster the other day with dough sticking to my bread flour sprinkled cloth in a colander, I decided to purchase some rice flour for the purpose. The release results are great and having the rice flour I was checking out TFL in relation to this particular flour. 

I've noticed it mentioned here that some use 50/50 all purpose/rice flour and some 100% rice flour. Why are some using 50/50? I tried with 100%.

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Follow up on my previous post; multigrain pan bread made with 6 different types of flour, I wanted to find out the true flavour profile of mixed flour alone without the distraction of seeds and grains. This week’s bake was the result of that curiosity. The multigrain pan bread was really flavoursome, which I think was a result of tasty grains and seed mixtures. I also like to think that the flour mixture contributed to the bread’s exceptional taste as well. So, I set out to bake with just the same flour combination to find out.

I also upped the flour mixture to seven, by adding corn meal into the mix. That’s all flour types in my pantry. Actually, there was one type of flour that got missed out, Italian Tipo 00 flour! Never mind, next time.  Seven different flour types in the recipe were bread flour (64%), whole wheat flour (15%), rye flour (5%), durum flour (5%), corn meal (polenta flour) (5%), rice flour (3%) and soy flour (3%). I also included toasted wheat germs (can’t help myself with my favourite) at 2.5% in the recipe.

The bread was lovely, chewy and flavoursome, with pronounced acidity (from mixed flour starter). However, I still couldn’t tell the flavour difference of this 7-type mixed flour bread from all-wheat sourdough. I made sourdough with 20% polenta flour (corn meal) before and the flavour was changed noticeably with natural sweetness and creaminess from the corn. One noticeable difference was crumb colour. It had lovely yellow tone, possibly from soy flour and corn meal.  

 crumb comparison with Vermont Sourdough

If you're curious to find out about the mixed flour yourself, full post and recipe can be found here.


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I thought I'd share my (not bake),  but steamed chinese rice cake here.  This is something that is so dear to my heart,  as it reminded me of the time that I spent hours helping my mom doing this,  every year diligently, for some festivities.  Now that I'm away from home,  it's just something to remind me of home, family,  and I want to pass this little tradition to my little boy,  he did help out,  and did it well indeed.


This is a unique kind of cake that I probably see in Singapore/Malaysia,  and probably Taiwan, and the taste is chewy as it uses rice flour,  I forgot to take the inside.  This is usually filled with glutinous rice,  and other stuff like mushrooms, dried shrimps,  and even peanuts.

Details in

FYI - the word on the cake means "long life".


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Rice flour and chewy crusts?

March 12, 2007 - 11:31am -- JMonkey

I mentioned this in my blog, but thought I'd bring it to the forums as well where it might get more attention -- for those who've already seen it, I apologize for the repetition.

So, the issue. I made a big 2.5 lb. boule of desem bread over the weekend. It turned out beautifully as far as color, lightness and flavor are concerned, but, for the second time since I started using rice flour to dust my bannetons, the crust was not so crispy.

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