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pullman pan

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Reinhart's Bavarian Pumpernickel Question

December 1, 2008 - 11:12pm -- ryeaskrye

I recently bought Reinhart's WGB and have been reading and re-reading the Bavarian Pumpernickel recipe and my girlfriend keeps asking why I'm drooling. Silly me, I'm going to attempt something that might be beyond my abilities.

If anyone has made this, or if you can answer anyway, I have a question:

I found a slightly dented Pullman Loaf pan on discount. It is a 13"x4"x4" and says it is for a 1.5lb loaf. Reinhart's recipe is for 1482 grams or roughly 3.23 lbs., yet he talks about a single 4"x8.5" loaf pan.

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This is my fourth challah. I decided to stray from the traditional braid "out of a pan" to braiding first, then letting it rise in the pullman pan today. I am pleased so far. It's hot out of the oven, so I will post the cut picture later this evening. ;)

 Challah loaf

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