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proofing after refrigeration

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My loaf became amazing after a 2 day refrigeration! Why!

February 19, 2012 - 1:25pm -- Addicted2Baking

I thought I made a goof, but actually made a bread so good, I can't stop eating it. I am new to baking and have only tried simple recipes with lackluster results. I  did some homework before I ever started baking and had quite a bit of book knowledge, but not actual hands on. I got the recipe off of this site, but did not follow it completely. I made some changes by  substituting ingredients. I decided to shape like quizno's torpedos. It made 5 Thin baguettes. Here are the ingredients which come from lesson Two:

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April 3, 2010 - 3:34pm -- patnx2

After a year of baking bread I am happy with how much I've learned,mostly from the Freshloaf. I bake almost  soley with sourdough. My problem is consistantcy in proofing. I almost always do an overnight retard and what happens in the retard varies from half rise to more then doubled. So the Q. is when to start shaping ,rest, So far it seems the bread wants to say now. Finger poke test sometimes says its ready out of frig.  Any help appreciated.  Patrick from modesto

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