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Proof Box

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Juergen Krauss


As many others these days I mainly baked my tried and tested formulas, with not much new to blog about.

With exception of my proof box - the parts were on top of a cupboard since last summer, but now I am putting them to good use.

I think the quality of my ryes have greatly improved since.

The parts for the proof box

1. cheap picnic cooler

2. reptile thermostat

3. reptile heat mat

4. cooling rack

Here a photo:

Just a few photos from last weekend's bake, which was mainly for restocking the freezer:

1. Some ITJB Vienna Bread and Hamelman's Sunflower Seed Bread with pate fermentee

2. Some Challah (DiMuzio's sweet challah) for a school function:

3. Finally my weekly batch of 40% Rye with caraway seeds, and Russian Rye a la Andrew Whitley

Keeping myself busy ...


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Got to try out my new toy today.  I've been working on this for a couple of weeks and it worked great.  The proof box is temperature controlled with a Johnson A419 controller set to control a small desk top heater placed in the bottom.  The rolls are a soft dinner roll straight dough that can be used for a variety of products.  I am catering a dinner for 100 tommorrow and made over 12 dozen rolls today.  

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proof box and low rising sourdough

April 15, 2009 - 9:11am -- mizrachi

How necessary is a proofing box?  My sourdough loaves taste great but I'm not getting the rise I usually get with commecially yeasted breads.  Would a proof box help remedy this?  Does one use a proofing box set up only in keeping sourdough cultures warm enough to be active or is it also used in proofing the dough itself?


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