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This wonderful bread, pain au levain with mixed sourdough starters, from Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread, brought me a first prize at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.  This was the first time I ever entered anything in the fair.  I love this bread, and it has become a regular around our house.  It can't be beat for flavor.  My only tweak is to add a mix of seeds on the dough exterior before baking and to borrow 1 oz from the bread flour and give it to the whole wheat flour.  Here are some pictures, the first being the levain, then the first place exhibit tag (blurry, sorry), then yours truly, pretty excited.  Thank you, Jeffrey Hamelman, for this wonderful bread! 












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I just won a baking contest!!!

July 20, 2011 - 9:16pm -- CuriousLoafer

Hey all you guys!!!

I just won my first baking contest! (It wasn't bread, though.) I made key lime pies and won all three categories (Taste, Presentation, and Creativity) in my little local bake off!! And I got a $50 gift card for each category, for a total of $150 in prize money!


I just wanted to share that with all you bakers out there!

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